A portrait image of Dr. Lawrence.

Dr. Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence attended Cornell University as an undergraduate and DVM student. He lives in a rural setting and raises horses and chickens. He is an avid downhill skier.

A portrait image of Dr. Harari.

 Dr. Harari

Dr. Harari attended Rutgers University as an undergraduate, and WSU as a graduate/DVM student. He lives in town and raises Labrador Retrievers and cats. He is an active recreational softball player.

A portrait image of Dr. Misseghers.

Dr. Misseghers

Dr. Misseghers received his DVM degree from the U. of Saskatchewan and did his surgical training at the U. of Guelph. He worked in surgical referral practices in Seattle before moving to Spokane. He is an outdoor enthusiast and avid mountain biker.